Good Scares for Good Causes

Haunted Garage Productions (HGP) is the creation of Mr. Glen Williams, an elementary school educator and gym teacher in the Grosse Pointe Public Schools for over 32 years.

Now retired, Glen began what would later become the Haunted Garage as a series of charitable Halloween parties and tours, allowing folks to enjoy his ever-expanding, must-see collection of “things that go bump in the night” and contribute funds for worthwhile local causes in the process. 

Glen has been an avid Halloween collector and prop builder for almost 40 years, having loved the holiday since he was a boy, (though due to his height, he was ironically judged “too tall” to go trick-or-treating in his neighborhood — even as a pre-teen!)

Today, Glen hosts the Haunted Garage at his home on Mack Avenue in Grosse Pointe Farms, MI, where he works year-round to provide cutting-edge seasonal entertainment, raising tens of thousands of dollars for PTOs in the service of schools in the Grosse Pointe communities, St. Clair Shores and beyond. 

Get your tickets to the Haunted Garage now and help Glen continue to support our local schools! 

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